Aikens Lake News Archive - July 2011

GGO facelift looks brilliant

Date Jul. 31, 2011

  For the past four seasons we've been putting a lot of sweat into renovating our prized Great Gray Owl Wilderness Camp. A new dock was constructed, completed with a new floating section which was welded and installed. A new...

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“Dog Days of Summer”

Date Jul. 20, 2011

The expression “Dog Days of Summer” has been around for millenniums and has been modified in North America to become the “Dog Days of July”. It means the weather is HOT during the day and the fishing is HOT during...

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Water levels receeding, fishing heating up.

Date Jul. 15, 2011

A quick update to set your thoughts onto huge fish, screaming drag, farmer tans, empty bait tubs and busy nets. A three week (so far) heat wave has settled on Aikens Lake. Temperatures in the low 80s to high 90s...

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Janelle and Mathieu graduate!

Date Jul. 12, 2011

  We are very pleased and proud to announce the successful completion of university degrees for two of our Aikens staffers. Janelle Trudel and Mathieu Labossière each received their diplomas after years of hard work. Janelle graduated with honors from...

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Happy 30th Birthday Pat!

Date Jul. 06, 2011

  Those of you that have been to Aikens have had the pleasure of meeting and laughing with Pat.  Pat began his career at Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge over a decade ago.  As Pat celebrates his 30th birthday today, we would...

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