Aikens Lake News Archive - August 2010

The Rookie Cast

Date Aug. 27, 2010

  This story goes back a few weeks, but it's worth telling here.  Each year, we bring in some new recruits to do an "internship" at Aikens.  Usually it is a few guys right out of high school (which ends in...

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The Miner twins accomplish an Aikens First

Date Aug. 22, 2010

  So you think you're in shape? How about swimming 4 miles clear across open water! This daunting physical feat was challenged and mastered by Mr. Peter and Paul Miner. The twin brothers have been coming to Aikens Lake for years. Drawn...

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2010 Aikens Lake Olympics Update

Date Aug. 14, 2010

  An annual tradition here at Aikens was disputed this week. Our Aikens Olympics pit four teams against one another for the coveted first place finish. The costume coordinated teams compete in four events to determine the champions. Hand picked guests...

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New Staff Bios online

Date Aug. 08, 2010

Ever wonder who Chef Elise thinks should play the lead in her autobiographical movie?  Have you thought about how many of our staff believe in Elsie, our resident ghost?  These answers and more can be found on our updated staff...

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