Aikens Lake News Archive - May 2010

GGO is getting a new dock

Date May. 30, 2010

Last year's high water opened our eyes to how effective the large new dock in main camp is!  With its welded frame and concrete piles, it did not budge an inch, despite being 11 inches under water for the better part...

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We’re underway!

Date May. 24, 2010

Saturday marked the end of our volunteer week (aka: Molly Week) and also the return of staff and guests for the 2010 season!  We welcomed back all of of our regular staff members - new and old.  This brings us up...

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First trophies of the year!

Date May. 20, 2010

We have been very busy here at Aikens getting things open.  However, we do take some time to get out on the lake every couple of days.  The weather has been so unbelievable (it was 30 degrees celcius here today... 90 farenheit!) ...

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Rendez-Vous Canada in Winnipeg

Date May. 15, 2010

  As mentioned over the winter in this newsletter, Winnipeg was host to travel agents and buyers from around the globe!  Rendez-Vous Canada is a yearly showcase for our country.  It pairs buyers and sellers of who are interested in international...

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New equipment being installed!

Date May. 08, 2010

  We have been at Aikens for the better part of a week now, and things are going very smoothly.  Construction on a new staff residence continues to chug along, and our new workshop is getting some new additions to it...

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Opening Day 2010!

Date May. 05, 2010

On May 3rd, we landed at Aikens to start a new season!  We are very excited about this year for a number of reasons, including the amount of people that we will have the opportunity to host, and this was...

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