Aikens Lake News Archive - April 2010

Pat and Janelle “tie the knot”!

Date Apr. 27, 2010

For those of you who keep your Aikens Calendar pinned on the wall, you may have noticed that April 24th was announced as both Julie's birthday (Happy Birthday Julie!) and Pat & Janelle's wedding day!  We have been busy in...

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Two weeks till arrival!

Date Apr. 19, 2010

     Early spring and warm weather will all add up to an expedient ice-out date for Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge.  In past years, some minor delays were experienced by our opening crew due to inclement weather and thicker ice conditions. Lack...

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Aikens hits the newstands!

Date Apr. 09, 2010

Folks in Winnipeg and in the local Free Press readership will be offered a piece concerning Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge. Mr. Ron Pradinuk, columnist for many publications, visited us last season and his experiences/testimonials will be the feature of...

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Aikens to host two Shorelunches!

Date Apr. 05, 2010

With the spring thaw well under way, our tradeshow travels have drawn to an end. With many anglers' thoughts shifting from hard water to spring patterns, Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge will be offering a glimpse into their upcoming season to...

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