Aikens Lake News Archive - August 2009

2009 Call of the Tundra

Date Aug. 25, 2009

Aug 20-24 marked the 2nd summer in a row that Aikens Lake hosted Toyota's Call of the Tundra promotion.  This was the 4th time that the Prairie Zone Dealers Association (Western Canadian Toyota Dealerships) put together the Call of the...

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Water finally peaks?

Date Aug. 17, 2009

Here's an updated picture of the dock area.  We procrastinated for a long time, but with a large group in today and the Toyota "Call of the Tundra" event this weekend, we felt we needed to finally address the dock...

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The “big ten” for Raz!

Date Aug. 16, 2009

It seems every year we have another exploit to announce about our distinguished guest Orazio Nastase. He arrived on Wednesday the 12th in company of his lovely wife of 35 years, Martha. Raz & Martha's welcome at the dock included many...

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Record high waters!

Date Aug. 13, 2009

In all the years we've been at the lodge (21 and counting), and all the years the Bluewater pilots have been flying into Aikens (38 and counting), we have never seen the water so high!  We just finished a 15-day streak where...

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Stats Correction

Date Aug. 12, 2009

We have been told, in no uncertain terms, that our stats on the Little Hammered Olympics are flawed.  I suppose we don't keep meticulous records of these events, and upon further inspection it turns out that Marcel is NOT the...

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The Aikens Olympics

Date Aug. 09, 2009

  Another year means another olympic event at Aikens Lake!  Many of you are familiar with our annual "Little Hammered Olympics".  It's a day of fun and competition as we seperate the staff into four teams and hold events to determine...

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