Aikens Lake News Archive - June 2009

Hell or High Water, we get it done!

Date Jun. 30, 2009

Torrential rains and high winds have besieged Aikens Lake for the last few days. The water has risen to within six inches of the top of our new dock, flights were delayed, trees have fallen over... But all is not...

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Brownie and Dev tie the knot

Date Jun. 26, 2009

On Saturday, June 20th, the second "Aikens Marriage" took place in Carman, MB.  Since 1988, the only couple to ever get married after meeting at Aikens was Lise Turenne and Marty Bisson.  They got married 2001 after having worked together at the...

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Aikens Beauties to be wed!

Date Jun. 19, 2009

Saturday is the big day! Aaron Brown and Devon Schwabiuk will walk down the aisle to celebrate with friends and family their happy union. The two love birds met at Aikens and shared many special moments at the lodge. Now...

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Listen online for radio interview tomorrow!

Date Jun. 13, 2009

This past week we were thrilled to host Ron Pradinuk of Journeys Travel & Leisure Supercentre in Winnipeg.  Ron is a well-known expert on travel, with a weekly column in the Winnipeg Free Press, and also a weekly talk show...

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GGO Opens up with a few new surprises

Date Jun. 08, 2009

Those of you that have seen the Great Gray Owl cabin on the Southern shoreline of Aikens Lake know that it is a wonderful and unique accommodation.  This magnificent log cabin annually hosts a number of groups from 8 to 12 people. ...

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All roads lead to… the Lodge!

Date Jun. 01, 2009

You might have heard about our new wood chipper. This piece of heavy machinery has completely reshaped our network of paths at the lodge. It's golden hue greets all travelers and offers a plush, dust-free commute from your cabins all...

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