Aikens Lake News Archive - August 2008

Call of the Tundra to be aired!

Date Aug. 25, 2008

With over 25 hours worth of footage in the can, Prairie Toyota Dealers' "Call Of The Tundra" promotion is set to air on Global in mid-October. As mentioned in past newsletter posts, Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge is extremely proud to have...

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Two new buildings unveiled!

Date Aug. 18, 2008

The carpenters have laid down their hammers, the painters have cleaned their brushes and the new residents have moved in. The roster of impressive new buildings here on the peninsula now has two new additions. A brand-new welding shop (L√...

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Summer Olympics… Aikens Style!

Date Aug. 13, 2008

For the past 13 years, we have hosted our own version of the Olympics here at Aikens. We call them the "Little Hammered Olympics", as it is not uncommon for a beer or two to be consumed during this event! We...

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Everyone all smiles for the boy’s trip

Date Aug. 10, 2008

For the last few years, our partners at The Aviary Group have been organizing a buddies trip at the lodge. Looking forward to some well-deserved R&R, our guests thoroughly enjoy the simply beautiful life here at Aikens. Upon...

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Thank you KIK!

Date Aug. 07, 2008

There are great workers, then there are great workers! Kik is one of the latter. We'd like to formally thank Christian for his tireless efforts this season. Whether it's working his butt off at the lodge, guiding countless days in...

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Announcement to protect our Provincial Park!

Date Aug. 01, 2008

Recently, the provinces of Manitoba and Ontario announced a joint  agreement that will protect the pristine wilderness inside of our incredible park.  We are located inside Atikaki Park, and Ontario has a mirror-image park on their side of the border...

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