Aikens Lake News Archive - July 2008

“Dock Bite” revisited

Date Jul. 31, 2008

Some of you might be familiar already with our famous "Dock Bite" which runs from late May through June. Many large fish have been caught off our new dock (see newsletter item about the dock here : Léo's Dock) during...

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The Ultimate Voyageur

Date Jul. 29, 2008

For those that have followed along in past years, you are already familiar with our competitions here to crown a victor for the Aikens Lake Voyageur Games (Click here for the 2007/08 story1 - story2, the 2006/07 story1, and the 2005/06 story1). All...

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Aikens Hosts Komatsu!

Date Jul. 22, 2008

Aikens Lake is proud to have hosted a large group of vendors and dealers from the Komatsu corporation. This well-known company, which specializes in mining and construction equipment of all sizes, chose Aikens as its destination to reward their top...

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McGough Party makes a big splash

Date Jul. 19, 2008

Mike McGough has been coming to Aikens since early in the millenium. He originally started coming with his good friend Dan Welty (who passed away a few years ago). He's been an invited guest and a group leader for his...

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“Mini-Boss” holds the fort

Date Jul. 17, 2008

Something rare happened last week:  It is an incredible feat that for the first time in 20 years, there was a time during our season that no one at Aikens had the last name of "Turenne"!  As the break ended and...

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Second half of the season under way!

Date Jul. 12, 2008

  Well rested and eager to please, the Aikens staff returned to the lodge yesterday after a well-deserved respite back in town. Many took advantage of their break to spend time with loved ones, sleep in late and some took...

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The Aikens Break

Date Jul. 07, 2008

Hello everyone, Sorry about not updating the newsletter for the past week. We are officially in our mid-season break. We annually black out about 7-10 days in early July in order to send everyone home for a much-deserved break (July ...

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