Aikens Lake News Archive - June 2008

Aikens hosts a Woodland Caribou study

Date Jun. 29, 2008

For the first time since Gerry and Lorraine bought the lodge in the late 80's, we hosted a group of biologists and wildlife experts at Aikens Lake. The purpose of the visit was to gather information on the protected Woodland...

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New Staff Bios online!

Date Jun. 25, 2008

  We are sorry it took this long to post the new staff bios, but we had to wait for Janelle to get here!  She just spent a winter in an intense photography course.  You will notice that our bio photos...

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Introducing Kik’s Corner!

Date Jun. 24, 2008

Imagine a spot where huge Lake Trout, big Walleyes and Trophy whitefish abound. Sounds a lot like Chris' Corner doesn't it? Well it's our pleasure to inform you, our readers, that the guides have yet another destination to bring their...

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Sam Cannon does it again!

Date Jun. 17, 2008

Whether it's fishing for Sail fish in the Florida Keys or wrangling Mahi-Mahi in the Bahamas, Sam Cannon seems to know how to boat these monsters. His prowess is no different here at Aikens. Accompanied by his charming wife Jacque ...

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A&E… Shuffleboard Champs!

Date Jun. 14, 2008

Big Molly's Bar, as we all know, is the place where guests and staff like to kick back and reminisce about the day's fishing stories and all the good times they've had here at Aikens Lake. Lately, however, there is...

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Three Trophy day for GGO Group!

Date Jun. 08, 2008

Tom Frain and his group of friends have been coming to Aikens for years. Enjoying the majestic and spacious setting of the Great Gray Owl Outpost, the group sets out for the lake with guides everyday. Day one was very...

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Walleye Update - things are heating up!

Date Jun. 03, 2008

    Well we have just gone through one of the busiest openings in recent memory! The first week was full of great weather, big smiles, and big pike! We had people in every single cabin and Big Molly's bar was a...

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