Aikens Lake News Archive - September 2007

Thanks for a great season!

Date Sep. 20, 2007

We are now 5 days into our close down, which will end on the 30th of the month. Already Pat and the boys have taken the Lund fleet out of the water and they are securely stored for the winter. Denis...

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Bart wins the “Furry Fish” award!

Date Sep. 16, 2007

What a way to end our season!  NECA (Minneapolis Chapter) is a large group of 24+ electrical contractors and they have their annual conference up at Aikens.  Last year was their first visit to Aikens as a group, and they had...

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New playground is a hit!

Date Sep. 15, 2007

As part of the final projects of the season, Chuck put together an outstanding play structure for the kids. Chuck had built some play structures in the past for his grandchildren, and he took great pride in building one for...

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Jim Zilverberg and the case of the white jig

Date Sep. 12, 2007

  You wouldn't know that Jim Zilverberg would be turning 90 next year if you saw him jogging down your street.  The spry father brought his three boys (Larry, Greg, Patrick) up to Aikens for some quality time together.  Jim was born...

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Attn: Dan and Kirby Greteman

Date Sep. 06, 2007

Your sister Mary says hi. She wants you to know that she's loving life right now and is savoring every breath of Aikens air this weekend. She'll be in touch soon to brag. Mary also says hi to the rest...

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