Aikens Lake News Archive - July 2007

“Custom Jigs” boats monster walleye!

Date Jul. 30, 2007

Bob Gillispie was very excited when he booked his first trip to Aikens back in January. Aikens had been on his radar for awhile, and this fly-in fishing veteran of 15 years jumped on an opportunity when he saw the special...

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New Generator arrives in town

Date Jul. 28, 2007

Aikens Lake is just like any other fly-in when it comes to providing all the amenities of the real world... we are totally "off-the-grid" and so we need to be self-sufficient. Power is no exception! The lease on our generator...

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Citation jet buzzes Aikens Lake!

Date Jul. 23, 2007

Our staff had a special treat today as one of our guests took a little detour to show us the speed of his new plane! Rob Phillips had never heard of Aikens Lake until a month ago, but there's no...

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Break’s over!

Date Jul. 19, 2007

Our staff is surely going to be well rested... we just finished up a long break which allowed everyone to recharge their batteries. Many of our staff traveled oustide the province during the break, visiting friends and family... or even...

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New Luxury Van Arrives

Date Jul. 18, 2007

Logistically, getting to Aikens is much easier than going to most other lodges. Just fly-in to Winnipeg (available through connections in Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, or Toronto many times a day) and we can have you at the lodge only a...

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Mid-Summer spots turning on

Date Jul. 10, 2007

You have probably noticed the lack of updates lately... it's not that we've been too busy - it's that we've been in "vacation mode"! This year, our break started on July 1st and will extend through to the 19th of...

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