Aikens Lake News Archive - May 2007

Huge 42” laker caught and released!

Date May. 31, 2007

What a laker! Harry Scholtens took some convincing this winter that a small lake such as Aikens Lake could house such large fish... the doubt has certainly been erased now! His catch yesterday is the largest laker caught at Aikens...

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A “Molly Week” tradition renewed!

Date May. 26, 2007

Some of you may wonder where our bar got the name of "Big Molly's Bar". When Gerry and Lorraine bought the lodge with Phil and Jackie back in the late 80's, they started a tradition known as Molly Maid week. ...

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Helicopter Delivery!

Date May. 22, 2007

This is an Aikens First... a helicopter delivered some materials to Aikens Lake today! We purchased some thick (6") insulated pipe in order to redo our hot water distribution. Instead of having hot water tanks at every cabin, we are going...

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Martin’s first trip to Aikens!

Date May. 16, 2007

Yesterday Julie, Annika, and Martin came to Aikens to join up with Pit and the rest of the Aikens crew. It was Martin's first trip in a float plane (we brought him to Toronto for a Sportshow when he was...

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Construction update

Date May. 14, 2007

We have been very lucky with the weather thus far, and only today did we face our first rain delay! The good news is that we are well enough ahead that everybody is keeping busy inside with various finishing jobs. ...

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First Master Angler of 2007!

Date May. 10, 2007

The first Master Angler of 2007 is now in the books! A few of our carpenters went out fishing last night after an absolutely gorgeous day (it was almost 90 degrees... uncanny weather for this time of year!). George and Andre tried...

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GGO close to having a new rod locker!

Date May. 09, 2007

GGO's dock is placed in the corner of the bay, nearly 100 yds from the cabin. We have been wanting to build a rod locker next to the dock for the longest time! It was always a hassle to bring rods...

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GST Rebate program still alive!

Date May. 08, 2007

This is a note to all of our US customers. As a traveller to Canada, you are entitled to a 50% rebate on some of the GST tax you paid on accommodations/services, etc. In the past, Aikens was allowed to...

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Early firsts at Aikens

Date May. 07, 2007

We have been very lucky so far because the weather has certainly been unseasonably warm! Even with the drizzle and cloud we’ve experienced in the last few days, we haven’t faced any cold temperatures. Because of this, we...

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Fresh crop of guides arrives at Aikens

Date May. 06, 2007

This year, we will be training some new blood in the guide ranks. We enjoyed many seasons with the crew that we had last year, but this winter some of them decided to move on to bigger and better things. ...

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The crew grows larger!

Date May. 03, 2007

We just welcomed a dozen more people at Aikens today, including chef Jimmy. That makes everyone very happy! The rest of our construction crew is now here, and we are going to start the big work tomorrow. Since the last...

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Opening Day for 2007 Season!

Date May. 01, 2007

May 1st is the earliest that we've ever made the trek to Aikens Lake! However, with the great spring weather we were able to get a head start on our season! While our first guests won't arrive until May 26th,...

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