Aikens Lake News Archive - June 2006

Update on the Sunset Chalets

Date Jun. 28, 2006

The two Sunset Chalets are going up quickly.  These are no small feat... and when you see them you'll understand why!  These cabins are going to be HUGE!  With nearly 800 square feet of living space, these chalets will easily and...

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Ace’s 21st birthday bash!

Date Jun. 26, 2006

One of the new smiling faces you'll find in the customer service crew this summer belongs to Aislinn Beaupre.  Despite not knowing many of our staff members before the summer started, her easy-going nature and never ending smile have allowed...

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Lost Lake producing huge walleye

Date Jun. 24, 2006

Lost Lake has always been a great spring spot for those large walleyes.  Bob Dumontier has been guiding at Aikens on and off for nearly 20 years.  The sports coordinator at St-Boniface College in Winnipeg, he always loved taking some of...

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New staff bios online

Date Jun. 22, 2006

I know that we are already in full gear at the lodge, but we finally have the new staff bios available online! This year, we have a few more staff than in a normal season. We have hired one extra...

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Doing the Wright thing for big pike!

Date Jun. 21, 2006

Last season, Blake Strine caught a huge 46" pike by casting and trolling around Rob's Rubble.  This basically spearheaded a pike campaign that remained successful throughout the season.  Colin really dialed in to them in the month of August, and even...

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Glasshof group gets its share of mugs

Date Jun. 16, 2006

John Glasshof started bringing his group to Aikens in 1993. Since then, he's been a staple there during the 2nd week of June. They are known for finding the big pike in our lake. This year was no exception, as they...

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Dick Pawell, walleye specialist

Date Jun. 15, 2006

Dick Pawell has been coming to Aikens for many years, and the fishing for him just keeps getting better.  He didn't start off with the Midas Touch, be he really found his stride in the past 6 years.  In fact, Dick...

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Moose sightings galore!

Date Jun. 13, 2006

For some reason or another, this season has been filled with moose and wildlife sightings!  Along with the many moose, we've also seen caribou, lynx, bear, and countless eagles, loons, ducks, and other waterfowl. For years, we had a "resident...

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Lost Lake open for business

Date Jun. 11, 2006

The high water of the past two years has been a blessing both for the spawn and for the accessibility of fishing areas.  Places that are normally blocked off from regular fishing have been easily accessible. This morning, Pat and...

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Sunset Chalet construction under way

Date Jun. 10, 2006

As you have no doubt read, we have been very busy this year renovating our lodge, as well as replacing existing buildings.  "Le Canot" was a huge project and it still needs a lot of finishing work.  Its construction enabled...

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New staff jackets unveiled

Date Jun. 10, 2006

There has been a long tradition of the "Staff jacket" at Aikens.  Easily identifiable, and with the staff member's name prominently featured on the front, the jackets helped create a certain "je ne sais quoi" that distinguished our staff. This...

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Great Whites!

Date Jun. 08, 2006

Congratulations are in order for Steve White and his son Brad. They had done a few trips to other parts of Canada for fishing, but had never tried the "Land of 100,000 lakes"! In their first ever trip to Manitoba, they...

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Dock repairs

Date Jun. 04, 2006

Last year's high water certainly took a toll on our docks.  Because of the wood construction, the docks tried their best to float away last year when the water was up to 30" above the decking.  We were able to hold...

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Barge Party

Date Jun. 02, 2006

Last night, the staff took out our "brand new" barge for its maiden voyage.  The old girl, who was in very rough shape last year, was completely restored this spring.  All of the hairline fractures in the pontoons were welded...

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