Aikens Lake News Archive - July 2005

Water finally receding

Date Jul. 29, 2005

We have seen more water this year than ever before. Water levels are about 18 inches higher than the previous record! While this is great for the fishery because of expanded spawning areas and increased survival rates for fry, it has...

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The Olympics return to Aikens

Date Jul. 28, 2005

    A tradition was started way back in 1995 when the staff organized the "Little Hammered Olympics"... named then after the Lillehammer Olympics that were held in 1994. The staff would create teams, find a theme and get dressed up, then compete in...

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Double trophies on Muffin Reef

Date Jul. 27, 2005

Muffin Reef is a relatively new spot on our lake. We have only been fishing this little-known reef in the past 4 years. However, the walleyes don't usually arrive there until the end of August. However, tonight Pat was able to...

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Northstar Luau

Date Jul. 24, 2005

With no guests in camp tonight, the staff got creative and had a theme party! The girls had prepared for this party a long time ago... by buying all the costumes and decorations while in Winnipeg a couple of weeks...

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Turbo wins the guide competition

Date Jul. 22, 2005

As an aside to the tournament held these past few days, the guides also competed in a seperate category. After day 1, Turbo had a commanding lead on everybody. However, Diesel made a huge comeback in day 2. Diesel was fishing with...

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1st annual tournament a success

Date Jul. 22, 2005

Today concluded the second and final day of the First Annual Tournament hosted by our new partners, the Jensens. They have been coming up with groups for over 15 years, but this year they decided to have a formal tournament! A...

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Ghostly happenings

Date Jul. 16, 2005

The Outdoor Canada article (see other news posting) has certainly sparked some debate and now some new information has come out! Apparently there have been several strange happenings around the lodge this year... although no actual sighting has been reported....

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Torrential rain nearly sinks fleet!

Date Jul. 11, 2005

With no guests and the staff all back at home, the lodge has been quiet in the past few days. This is the week of our annual break where everyone on the staff gets to go home to reunite with...

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Staff parties on Independance Day

Date Jul. 04, 2005

With no guests for the past few days, some of our staff remained at the lodge to do some touch-up jobs, renovations, and logging. To thank them for the hard work, we decided to have everyone knock off a little...

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