Aikens Lake News Archive - May 2004

Laker bite was hot today!

Date May. 29, 2004

On the last day before our first guests arrived, we had the chance to go out and test the lake trout fishing. What a success! Over 30 trout were landed between the two boats in a matter of hours! The biggest...

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Renovations under way to Park Place and Boardwalk

Date May. 28, 2004

    Screened-in porches can offer a fantastic mosquito-free setting in which to enjoy a nightcap after a great day of fishing on the lake. In our constant efforts to improve our services, we are adding screened-in porches to the Boardwalk and...

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Dockbite hot!

Date May. 26, 2004

    With water temps in the low 50's in the back bay, but still only around 40 degrees on the main lake, many walleyes have been hanging around the dock. Huge schools of baitfish can be seen everywhere. Many nice slot walleyes...

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Temporary fix on dock

Date May. 25, 2004

    Well, with the water levels being way above average, and much rain and more runoff on the way, we had to do something so we could get to our boats and planes! A catwalk was moved onto the dock, but...

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Water Levels High!

Date May. 14, 2004

Well, forget about the low-water levels that plagued us last season. All those rocks that threatened the props are now a good 6-7 feet deeper this year. A combination of heavy snow fall this past winter along with some precipatation...

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New Season begins!

Date May. 07, 2004

Well, spring is here and another great summer at Aikens Lake is upon us. Gerry flew up to the lodge today to start getting the camp ready for our first guests that arrive in a couple of weeks. The camp...

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