Aikens Lake News Archive - July 2003

All spots are on

Date Jul. 29, 2003

Stable weather has brought with it fantastic fishing. A great number of trophy walleyes have been caught in the past few weeks. The usual fall spots such as Middle Gull, MOFN reef, the Saddle, Banjo Reef, and South Shore Reef...

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Tom Greteman, 50 years of loyalty!

Date Jul. 25, 2003

In a few days, one of our most loyal and friendly guests, Mr. Tom Greteman, will be a making a historic 50th anniversary trip to Aikens. Tom first came to Aikens in 1953. He has supplied us with pictures of his...

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Human Calculator visits Aikens Lake

Date Jul. 24, 2003

We are proud to have met one of the truly amazing people on this earth. Mr. Scott Flansburg is officially recognized in the Guiness Book of World Records as being the "Fastest Human Calculator". He achieved this title by adding...

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Many Caribou Sightings

Date Jul. 20, 2003

    This year has been an unusually great season for spotting the rare Woodland Caribou on the shores of Aikens Lake. Bucks, Cows, Calves, and combinations of these have been seen roaming the western shores of the lake. Some have been...

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Gerry’s back in action

Date Jul. 12, 2003

    Today, after spending a well deserved and relaxing break in the city, the Big Boss with the Hot Sauce is back at Aikens. He is going to get the lodge in order for our next clients who are going to...

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Trophy list up to 50 and counting!

Date Jul. 03, 2003

The website has been updated and the 2003 trophy count is now at over 50! Check out some of the pictures in our Master Angler's club section! There will be a lull as our next clients do not arrive for a few...

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