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Annual International Euchre tournament contested at Big Molly's

Aug. 02, 2010




Euchre Pronunciation: \ˈyü-kər\ Function: noun Etymology: origin unknown Date: 1841

: a card game in which each player is dealt five cards and the player making trump must take three tricks to win a hand.

Four consecutive nights of Euchre. Big Molly's was the stage upon which two neighboring nations confronted each other for The International Euchre Fly-In Championships. Team U.S., represented by former two-time champion (2007,2008) Mr. Bill Lapp and his partner Mr. Gene Reibel squared off against home-town shufflers Pit Turenne and 2009 champ Patrick Trudel.

The first night of play was devoted to warm-up. A bit of posturing and feeling out each others tactics helped both teams to prepare for the next night's opening game. The tourney was a best of three format over (if needed) three evenings.

Night one. After the cordial handshakes and salutes to their respective countries, the championship trophy was put out to preside over the players during the next few days.  The cards were dealt and play ensued. Team Canada came out to an early lead taking the first game (10-4), then giving up a few points early in the second they turned on the jets and didn't look back. Pit and Pat secured the evening with another convincing 10-4 victory. As a side note, 10-4 was a hot call sign over the radios during the next day fishing.

Night two. Must win for the U.S. team. And they did just that. Stretching the play to the third game, the hot carded team U.S.A. closed the deal to lock up the second night's competition staving away a 9-3 (us-can) comeback to win the third game 10-9 . The board was set for a duel to the finish on the final night of play. All four players eagerly awaiting to heave the trophy o'erhead.

Night three. All players reported a little early to Big Molly's. By now the rest of the guests and staff were wondering just who would collect the honors for the Euchre International. Team Canada showed up sporting the Maple Leaf (and sweatbands to wick away the nerves). A short stretch later, the final hands started to fly. The Northerners didn't dally firmlyTeam Us secures game two Pit and Bill size each other upsecuring the first game. The Southerners weren't phased by the show of force. They put the hammer down and notched one in their win column for game two.  It all came down to this. The idle banter and pleasant chatter was left aside and some very serious Euchre was on display for the now-growing crowd of onlookers and cheering sections. Low-scoring and tight play kept the game close. At 5-4 (us lead) Mr. Bill Lapp took 5 tricks with Mr.Reibel's help. 7-4. Smelling blood, Team US. euchred (won three tricks on their opponents hand) the home team to bring the victory within striking distance (9-4). Team Canada rallied a huge alone hand for four (9-8 US lead). The cards were shuffled and dealt by Mr. Trudel. He offered up a Jack of Diamonds (a boss card). Everyone passed on the Jake... including Patrick to everyone's surprise (The saying goes: turn down a bauer, lose for an hour!)  Pit, not wanting to let the Americans open first (they only needed one point for the victory) ordered up Clubs. Little did he know he was playing right into his partner's hand. Four tricks later, the Canadians slammed done the final trump card to sweep all five hands. Two points awarded and high fives started flying! With the win Patrick and Pit brought the overall series to a dead tie (USA 2007-2008, CAN 2009-2010).

2010 Champs Turenne and TrudelYou can touch the trophy, just don't lift it over your head.

 Congrats to our winners and a worthy salute to their solid opponents. Be it Hockey or Euchre, the honors belong to Canada in 2010! All anticipate the showdown in 2011. One year to practice as of now.

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