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Announcing your new head guide, Tyler Jones!

May. 01, 2009


Your new head guide at Aikens Lake! A new season is nearly upon us.  With it, you can sense the excitement in the faces of an enthusiastic staff.  As we are now a week away from heading up to the lodge, and we have some great news to share with everyone.  With Pat trading in his Lund keys for the GGO keys this summer (yes, he and Janelle are going to be the consummate hosts for all GGO groups), an opportunity has opened up for a new face to reach up and grab the prestigious title of head guide. We are proud to announce that Tyler Jones will be the next great head guide at Aikens.  He becomes the quickest to ascend the ranks for this title.  In his first two years, he has shown fishing skills that rival any professional... in fact, he's been fishing tournaments with his father since the age of 6!!!  His production on the water is fantastic.  Just as importantly, Tyler has shown a maturity and a professionalism that is critical for his new role.  He has wowed every single guest he has ever guided, and has also garnered the respect of the entire staff for his fishing prowess and his great personality.  These skills will help him navigate the waters of managing a crew of 10 full-time guides for 4 months a year.  We are thrilled to have Tyler become the latest in a long line of head guides at Aikens.  We know that Tyler will keep that bar raised oh-so-high and that your guide crew will continue to be a shining part of your "Aikens Experience".  Congratulations Tyler.

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