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Aikens Prof-Staff Guide Video Tip: Data & Drop Shotting for Walleye

Aug. 05, 2019


Drop shotting for bass is a popular technique––highly effective in a variety of situations; increasingly popular and well-known among anglers. To put more fish in the boat, the Aikens Lake pro-staff guide team added a clever twist to this popular technique by developing a homemade drop shotting approach for walleyes.

Veteran Aikens guide Marco Dumontier shares the approach in this quick video tip recently released on our Aikens YouTube page. The video is the best way to see exactly how Marco likes to rig this up, but here’s a brief summary: a quarter-ounce jig with a minnow on the bottom, a plain hook with a crawler tied 12-18 inches above that (drop-shot style, naturally).

The beauty of mixing and matching a minnow and a crawler simultaneously? “It gives me another data point,” said Marco, who is gathering countless data points (he just finished a stretch of 40 guide days out of 43 calendar days) and putting them to excellent use in pursuit of Aikens’ plus-sized walleyes.

Ironically, one thing Marco likes about using a crawler is that it can often be effective for smaller, eating-size ’eyes.

“A lot of times if we’re catching all slot walleyes (walleyes over 19 inches) on minnows, switching to a crawler and fishing slightly shallower will produce smaller eaters,” he said. “And it’s always good to have to different offerings to better understand what the walleyes want so you can adjust from there.”

In true Aikens style, this successful approach was a team effort.

“Austin was the first guide who started experimenting with this homemade drop shot rig at Aikens,” Marco graciously pointed out. “He shared the approach with us one day and it’s really effective. We’re always talking about what’s working and things we can try.”

To see more Aikens pro-staff guide tips and other newly created videos, visit our Aikens YouTube page here.

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