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May. 01, 2006


May 002.jpg
What a great day!  Pit, Denis, Maurice, and Grant stepped off the plane today at 1:00 PM.  There is always that moment of tension as you step onto the peninsula for the first time because you are not sure how the camp looks.  However, this was the best we've seen for many years.  No small animals (or large ones) had been to visit inside any of the structures.
The only thing that seemed strange was the amount of trees on the ground.   We had a relatively mild winter, but one that had alot of snow.  It must have been the weight of the snow on the branches that brought alot of small trees down.  None fell on any buildings, and the biggest one had only a 6" diameter.  It will be an easy clean up!
Other than that, the water levels are high, but they are still about two feet below the top of the dock.  Because of the early season, alot of the runoff has already gone through so we hope that the levels won't rise above the dock this year.  I'll keep you up to date as we progress!

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