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Aikens Hosts 2nd Annual Children's Wish Foundation Trip With NHLer Jonathan Toews

Jun. 08, 2008


For the second year in a row, Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge is proud to have hosted a charity auction trip for the Children's Wish Foundation. This special event raises funds for children who need it most. The winners of the auction enjoy a three day fishing adventure accompanied by NHL star Jonathan Toews. Jonathan is not only a great hockey player, earning a nomination for the Calder Cup (attributed to the most outstanding rookie of the season), but he's a heck of an angler. Fishing with his father and the auction winners Claudio and Randy, they caught numerous fish in the slot sizes, trying very hard to find the coveted Aikens Lake Master Angler fish. Cooler weather and water than the previous year's trip showed them a different side of Aikens. The Back Bay held the lion's share of the group's catch, and many bays were casted in hopes of hooking up with a monster pike. The highlight of the trip however came on day three. Jonathan has a big appetite. Or so he thought.  The gauntlet was dropped in Big Molly's Bar the night prior: Beer-Batter Walleye eat-a-thon. Claudio Reda, the Winnipeg winner of the auction, is of Italian heritage and it seems having a healthy appetite is synonymous with growing up around the family dinner table. High noon, GGO shorelunch site.  The fish was cleaned cooked and ready. The gloves came off and a face-off that Jonathan had never experienced before began. They both valiant attacked the colander of delicious beer-batter. The first plates went down fast, followed-up by the second without much slackening in pace. By the end of the third fatigue was setting in. That's when Claudio went into overtime. He expertly negotiated another six pieces after Jonathan had taken a seat on the bench, and we all watched in amazement as the hungry man lifted his arms in victory! As it were the trip this year was a success and Aikens is proud to have hosted these fine people and to have been part of such a great foundation's mission to help kids who need it most.  We hope to continue being part of such a goodwill initiative. Hey Jonathan, see you next year and better work that appetite!

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