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Aikens hits "Good Morning Arizona"!

Nov. 15, 2005


Well, things have calmed down now that the season is over, but we are still working diligently! We recently had our winter meetings in Phoenix. During these meetings, we were able to take some time and seize the opportunity to cook an authentic "Canadian Shorelunch" for the hosts and crew of "Good Morning Arizona" on Channel 3. With a reach of 600,000 viewers, Pit, Julie, Pat, and Turbo were in tough to ad-lib a 4 minute segment for the show. However, hosts Tara Hitchcock and Dan Davis "guided" us expertly through the skit. Lemonpepper walleye was the order of the day, and everybody on set was very thrilled to be able to taste an authentic canadian shorelunch! A challenge was issued to Tara to come up and try her skill at fishing this summer... we'll see if she's able to come up and show us what she's made of!

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