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Aikens Boys Compete In "Voyageur Games"!

Feb. 29, 2008


Every year in mid-February Winnipeggers celebrate their heritage by holding a large festival honoring their link to the fur-trade era. This "Festival" has been a cornerstone in the francophone culture for over 35 years now. It encompasBruno awaits his next victimses Ashton looking poised and readymusic, sculptures, "joie de vivre" and of course, the "Concours du Meilleur" (loosely translated to the strongest man competition). Aikens has been sending a two man team for the last few years. To figure out which men will don the Aikens name in said competition requires us to do a preliminary session at the lake. (See newsletter item August '07). This year's winner Turbo couldn't make it from Phoenix to the games, so the task fell upon two of our new recruits. 2nd place finisher Ashton Beaupré (one of our carpenters whom you will likely cross on the lake as he will be bumped into the guide ranks for '08) and 3rd place finisher Bruno Maynard (one of our stand-out, bearded rookie guides from '07) each gave huge efforts in the competition. The events were leg wrestling, "la lutte indienne" (an exercise in balance and strength), the tug-of-war and finally the log-saw. The boys gave it their all, and despite their most valiant efforts, they both narrowly missed making the finals. Still, we (a huge Aikens cheering section) were quite proud to cheer them on, all the while quenching our "thirst for life". We might have to resurrect our past Aikens champion who won it all many moons ago. That's right Pit I'm looking at you... Joyeux Festival! (Photos courtesy of Janelle Potvin Photography.)

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