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Ace's 21st birthday bash!

Jun. 26, 2006


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One of the new smiling faces you'll find in the customer service crew this summer belongs to Aislinn Beaupre.  Despite not knowing many of our staff members before the summer started, her easy-going nature and never ending smile have allowed her to become part of the fabric of Aikens Lake in no time at all!  Today, she turned 21. The night started off with a great game of volleyball.  Nearly everyone on our staff was participating in a large tournament.  If it wasn't for the bugs, we could have played all night!  After the volleyball, Aislinn was brought to the Canot where a big pinata was waiting for her.  Anita baked her a cake that had a very interesting design (you'll have to ask her about it!).  A large party was held for her in the Canot.  The crowd then spilled into Big Molly's Bar and a great time was had by all.  Happy Birthday Ace!

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