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2006 Little Hammered Olympics

Jul. 30, 2006


Little Hammered Olympics 030s.jpg
Little Hammered Olympics 015s.jpgLittle Hammered Olympics 039s.jpgLittle Hammered Olympics 062s.jpg Little Hammered Olympics 101s.jpgLittle Hammered Olympics 089s.jpg July 29th, 2006 - Aikens Lake, MB - AP There was much hype and gamesmanship surrounding the 8th annual "Little Hammered Olympics" at Aikens Lake, but the the crowd had to wait until the very end, during a thrilling game of "beersbie" on the beach to see the final outcome! The festivities started off behind the Bait and Tackle, with the announcement team names and costumes! These names had been held in high secrecy in the week leading up to the event. When all was finally revealed, we knew why! Team 1 was called "Boris and his B*****", where Natasha donned a mustache and the three guys donned short skirts and long hair. Team 2 was "Team Grunthal", where everyone used the Grunthal Lumber Tyvek house wrap to make costumes (or underwear?). Team 3 was "The He-Shes", no explanation needed. Team 4 was called "The New and Improved Fantastic Four featuring Captain Lifeguardman". You can see the 5 members of that team in the picture above. After the player and team introductions, the torch was lit and a rousing rendition of "Oh, Canada" was sung. Judges then proclaimed that the games had begun! Volleyball was the first event, and some very close matches were played. Head referee Maurice awarded a point when a service hit him and made him clutch the volleyball pole to avoid falling off his ladder! The games then were moved to the beach for a comedic round of "bat twist". Nobody ended up in the water on in the rocks, which was a good thing. The third event featured a spirited and lenghty tug of war. Players dug hard into the sand and it was a draining event to participate in! Going into the final event of Beersbie, the He-Shes were tied with the Fantastic Four for the overall points lead. They both lost their first round matches of beersbie, which made the consolation final the deciding factor in the overall Olympics. The game went back and forth for a long time until a bullet frisbee toss by Kik knocked the Gatorade bottle off the pole and gave the He-Shes a victory in the event, and also the overall points title! The winning team consisted of Jacqueline, Kik, Dave, and Points. In the final picture above, you can see them with their "gold medal" at the closing ceremonies in Big Molly's Bar.

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