Aikens Lake News

2-page spread on Aikens Lake in last weekend's Winnipeg Free Press

Apr. 13, 2010


Ron with a nice big ‘eye   Authentic Shorelunch over the open flame! Last summer we had the pleasure of hosting Ron Pradinuk and his son-in-law Rob for a weekend at Aikens.  Ron is the owner of Journeys Travel Supercenter here in Winnipeg.  He hosts a weekly radio show.  You will remember we've appeared on his show, and hence it's been mentioned in this space a few times already.  Ron travels the world and also writes a near-weekly column in the travel section of the Winnipeg Free Press.  We would like to thank Travel Manitoba for partnering with us to host Ron last June. Ron fished with our guide Griffin and they had a fantastic trip - both fishing wise and joke-wise!  They boated a ton of fish in all three species during the June trip, and had some fantastic shorelunches during the 4 night stay.  Although the Master Angler walleye that Ron was targeting eluded his advances, there were no shortage of stories to pass around and overall they were thrilled with the amount and above-average size of their daily catches. Ron wrote a great article for the Winnipeg Free Press based on last year's trip.  He has an amazing way of explaining some of the emotions and important aspects from a trip that we would previously have considered intangible.  Being a fellow Manitoban, he is also able to position his experience at Aikens as something that isn't only for those from outside our provincial borders, but something that anyone will be able to appreciate and enjoy without hesitation!   Please click on the link below to see the 2-page article that headlined this week's WFP Travel Column.

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