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12th annual Lil' Hammered Olympics

Aug. 12, 2007


Miss Mono and the Quaranteam, Champions! Last night, we didn't have many guests in camp... in actuality it was our partners and their friends that were here so it was a perfect night to host the Olympiad! We split up the staff into 4 teams of 5 people each. One of our guests and friends Jon Hesse filled out the last remaining spot on one of the teams. As is tradition, all the teams made up names and costumes and an opening ceremony was held behind the Bait & Tackle. All the teams sung the Canadian National Anthem and we were ready to roll! The teams were as follows: BlackpeaceMi-Shell ShockersTeam Whitefish (the Pat Look-a-likes) Mi-Shell Shockers (Michelle, Points, Tyler, Ashton, Griffin) Blackpeace (a variation of Greenpeace): Jimmy, Aislinn, Turbo, Bruno, Eric Team Whitefish (all Pat clones): Pat, Aisha, Elise, Andre, Trevor Miss Mono & the Quaran-Team: Janelle, Mitch, David, Marcel, Hesse Volleyball actionWater balloon toss The first event featured a volleyball tournament. The finals pitted the Mi-Shell Shockers vs. the QuaranTeam. In what appeared to be a landslide, the Quaranteam took a big lead but a big comeback gave the Shockers the volleyball championship. The second event was a quick one but a fun one. Everybody lined up on opposite sides of the volleyball net. In sync, everybody tossed their waterballoon over the net to a partner. After each successful throw, everyone took a step back until there was only one team left with their balloon intact... and that ended up being the Quaranteam. Tricycle racesStumbling at the bat twist The third event was the funniest one of the night... a tricycle race! Using Annika's two tricycles, the teams raced over the grass. The winners of this event were the Pat look-a-likes, Team Whitefish! In a funny twist, this is the only event in which they didn't finish last!!! The final event was the ever-popular bat twist. The main goal was to avoid injuries, which thankfully was the case! Dizzy competitors raced under the volleyball net until there was one winner - Blackpeace. After the final scores were added up, it was a runaway victory for Miss Mono and the Quaranteam. They finished first or second in each event, and they were the proud winners of the first plaque ever. Although we've had the Olympics since 1995, we never had a permanent trophy until this year! Congrats to Janelle, Mitch, David, Marcel, and Jon!

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