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Planning a family vacation

Date Jul. 13, 2020

Do you dream of taking that first fly-in trip with your child?  If so, you probably have a lot of questions!  How old should they be?  Will they be able to stay in the boat long enough...

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Manitoba June Special

Date Jun. 08, 2020

We know Manitobans work hard. They put in long hours during dark winter days, while looking forward to sunny summer evenings. This year has given a greater need to unwind, right!? If you are looking for a unique travel destination...

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COVID-19 Update

Date Mar. 20, 2020

We would like to send a short update in regards to COVID-19 and our upcoming 2020 season. The conversations we’ve had with our faithful Aikens guests, staff and family in recent days have shown us the extent that our...

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Turenne Family Named Manitoba’s Official Voyageurs

Date Mar. 11, 2020

Few characters in history capture the romantic appeal of outdoor adventure like the voyageurs of old. Voyageurs embody the wilderness lifestyle and rich culture synonymous with the Canadian Northwoods. That spirit is honored at Manitoba’s annual Festival du...

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Aikens Romance: The Catch of a Lifetime

Date Feb. 12, 2020

The Aikens extended family is a tight-knit group. The friendships created at Aikens by our staff and team members run deep, and the connections last a lifetime. “Part of what has always made us proud is what a community...

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Video Spotlight: GGO (Great Gray Owl) Mini-Lodge

Date Feb. 02, 2020

Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge has been named one of the top 5 fishing destinations in North America, and beyond our spectacular setting, world-class fishing and hard-working staff, a key differentiator is our ability to customize your stay to deliver precisely the...

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