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New travel story by Ron Pradinuk

Dec. 14, 2010


Ron Pradinuk with an Aikens walleye You will remember a story that ran in the Winnipeg Free Press last spring entitled "Fly-In Fishing Casts a Lasting Thrill".   This two-page spread was written by Ron Pradinuk and created quite a buzz in Winnipeg, and is part of the ongoing tradition of generating a home-grown buzz in Manitoba.  Aikens Lake has become a household name in Winnipeg, which is outstanding when you consider that our industry has not historically tried to market to its own province. Well, Ron is back at it.  He recently posted a new blog about his trip to Aikens on Trip Atlas.  Ron's story ties in a lot of those unheralded "experiences" that all combine to make your overall "Aikens Experience" something truly special.  Ron has been in the travel business for nearly 30 years, has traveled to over 60 countries, owns and operates Journey's Travel, and has served on the board of ACTA.  Trip Atlas is a Toronto-based website that has become one of the largest Online Travel Resource websites with over 3 million unique visitors per year.  Thanks Ron for your continued support and promotion of Aikens Lake!

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