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Day 1 Results

Sep. 21, 2006


IFP_06aikensrickschroder.jpgIFP_06AikensdayoneLesstroud.jpg IFP_06AikensLesStroud.jpgIFP_06aikensscottflansberg.jpg The weather certainly cooperated for the first day of fishing! After watching the impressive fleet of Lund boats departing the dock, we had to anxiously wait to see if the recent coldfront would cool down the fishing. Most of the pros had chosen trolling as their method of choice for reeling in the fish. Some of the hot spots included Gilligan's Island, the big islands behind Middle Gull, and the channel in the South Arm. The tournament is a day and a half event. The total length of the top 5 walleyes from each day will count. Everybody convened at GGO for a great (and quick!) shorelunch. For many, it was the first one they'd ever had. Robert Williamson III had never even eaten a walleye, never mind having caught one! However, at the end of the day he was tied for 2nd place. The pros are competing for some entries fees into 2007 PWT events (1st will get two entries, 2nd will get one, 3rd will win half an entry). Here are the results after Day 1.

1 123.00” Sheldon Meidinger / Rick Schroder

2a 121.50” Bill St-Peter / Dale Jensen

2b 121.50” Mark Christianson / Robert Williamson III

4 118.50” Ron Seelhoff / Les Stroud

5a 116.00” Mark Martin / Scott Flansburg

5b 116.00” Jim Carroll / Kris King

7 115.50” Bobby Crow / Hoyt Corkins

8 108.75” Dave Van Oss / Dave Krieg

9 108.25” Daryl Christensen / Mike Gartner

10 102.50” Andy Kuffer / Don Lamont

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