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Cool Aikens videos on YouTube now!

Jan. 29, 2009


Releasing a trophy pike  Filming during Toyota’s Call of the Tundra 2008 For years, Aikens has been compiling some amazing pictures and footage of the lodge, the fishing, and the fun and excitement of being in camp.  Since we gave all our guides digital cameras in 2005, this database has grown exponentially! We are going to be redoing and adding certain pages to the website (most notably in the "Services" section with proper links to our Staff Bios).  We will also be adding two exciting new pages to the website (complete with video!): 1 - 2006 PWT Celebrity Shootout 2 - 2008 Toyota Call of the Tundra While putting together the pictures for this project, we also ran across many cool videos both recent and some dating back to 2001.  There are videos of television shows that have filmed at Aikens (In-Fisherman, North American Fisherman, North American Hunter, Full Contact Fishing).  However, we also have some very cool videos of humungous fish being caught!  We have uploaded many of these onto YouTube so that you can check them out.  There's video of 43 & 41" lakers, a few 46" pike, some big walleyes, some big ones being lost at the boat.  There are also videos of the float planes, action in Big Molly's Bar, and some wildlife as well.  Check it out at Also, there are already members of the "Aikens Community" that have their own videos (Blake Strine and his monster pike come to mind!).  Just search for "Aikens Lake" on YouTube and you will find even more viewing fare.  I know it's the middle of winter, but watching these videos makes spring seem that much closer!

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