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Aikens Fly Club Hits Pay Dirt!

Jun. 14, 2010


Rods strung, leaders cinched, flies carefully hand-tied and picked. The vests were donned and two intrepid anglers set out to hook fish on the long rods. Fly Club was established in 2007 and has grown in Hand tied fly at the chicago showmembership and popularity. Lessons and seminars on casting to fly-tying have been offered here at Aikens. The recent upswing in interest towards the skills and challenges that a fly fisher must face has led to some impressive catches here on the lake. Not only have Pike fallen for the mesmerizing pulse of the the flies, but Walleye, Perch and Suckers have also been fooled into biting. Thursday evening. Mitch, Pit and Pat call a Fly Club excursion. With bellies full and an anticipatory rush of excitement they hurry off to the guide dock and get ready. Before even setting foot in a boat, 6 fish (1 Pike, 5 perch) were caught while our A nice perch taken on the fly off the dockKik and Mitch get ready for actionanglers milled around on the dock. Mitch and Pat set out with plans to pick up Pit later. Kik and Janelle followed them out to watch, witness and serenade (Janelle has a professional eye for photography and Kik is a pro guitarist). They needn't go far from the dock. The fertile waters of the Back Bay held all the fish they needed. Pat pointed out a small spring in the north end of the bay to Mitch and they set course. Mitch gracefully offered Patrick first rites to the spot and he gladly accepted. 5 or soFlying the weedbeds casts and nothing... Pat put a bit more effort into his hauls and launched the fly deeper into the weeds. There, far in the shallows Fish On!she lay, waiting. A few strips on the line and Patrick saw a flash and his fly disappeared. Tight line, rod bent, FISH ON! At first the girthy Pike played possum, then in an instant she turned broadside and showed her true might. Patrick scrambled to reel in his slack line and fought the beast on the reel. 5 runs later she turned her head and coasted toward the boat. Mitch's impeccable guiding included expertly netting the rambunctious The fish that took the flyNorthern. The fly came out easily, the trophy was measured (41'' X 18.5'') and pictures were taken (thankfully Janelle was there with her lens). The successful release ensured that the leviathan is still out there for the taking. High fives galore and smiles permanently pasted, our anglers tried to catch their breath. Some of you might recall Patrick offering a $200 bounty on the first trophy fish photographed with one of the flies given out at his and Janelle's wedding.  After conferring with Fly Club Members, said bounty still stands seeing as how the issuer cannot rightly claim his own bounty!

Fly club fishing

Please join us in trying this exciting technique at Aikens. Our Bait & Tackle shop has fly-rods for rent and flies can be negotiated from our guides. Catching fish on the fly rod is a completely different experience, one that is very contagious. Come and give it a try!

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