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1st annual tournament a success

Jul. 22, 2005


Today concluded the second and final day of the First Annual Tournament hosted by our new partners, the Jensens. They have been coming up with groups for over 15 years, but this year they decided to have a formal tournament! A field of 13 fishermen competed in the event. Points were kept each day and were based on the six largest fish in the boat each day. The big points started at 25" for the walleyes. The runaway winner in the event was Chris Jensen! Having already fished tournaments in the past, he stuck to a strategy of staying in one spot and waiting out the big ones. It paid off, as he called the Saddle home for two days in a row and caught dozens upon dozens of scoring fish. Second place went to CJ's day 2 partner, Jon Hesse... third place went to his day 1 partner John McGowan.

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