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Fishing Season

To provide our guests with a fulfilling fishing season, Aikens Lake opens in late May and stays open until mid-September. You can break our season down into two halves: the spring bite, and our mid-summer patterns.

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Fishing Season

Known as one of the premier walleye fishing lakes in the country, fishing for this species in particular in great year round. However, with depths up to 295 feet we also boast great opportunities for toothy pike and mammoth lake trout as well. This means you have two great options when it comes to fly-in fishing vacations. Spring Bite: In the spring, our anglers have the best opportunity to catch the "Big 3" - walleye, northern pike, and lake trout. Spring walleye fishing is fantastic, since the walleye are regaining their appetite after a long winter of lethargy, but pike and lake trout are also voracious early in the season. Walleye and pike are often competing for food and warm water and can be found together, as they all try to find the warmest waters where many of the baitfish are hanging out. The Gammon River, which flows in and out of Aikens Lake, is a great spawning and transition area. There is a lot of river fishing at this time of year, with the most popular spot being called the Honeyhole (the inlet where the Gammon flows into Aikens). Lake trout, which prefer the coldest waters in the lake, are free to roam the entire water column in the spring. They can be caught by jigging or trolling spoons & cranks in 15-40 feet of water. Make sure that you don’t miss the spring walleye fishing!

Mid to late-summer patterns: Beginning in July, the water will have sufficiently warmed for the thermocline to set in. This makes for some of the best walleye fishing, since the Walleye begin to congregate on main lake reefs and humps. They generally start out in 12-15 feet of water, and as the thermocline gets pushed deeper by the warming water the fish follow suit. Walleye are generally found in about 25 feet of water by late July, and 32-35 feet of water in September. Our most trusted presentation is the jig & minnow, but they are also susceptible to bottom bouncers, spinner rigs, or deep-trolling crankbaits. Our guides are well-versed in the many techniques that can produce great fish. In the summertime, pike up to 30" can still be found in the shallow bays for those interested in casting the bays or fly-fishing. That said, all of the larger trophy fish have left the bays to go and find the deeper, cooler waters of the main lake. Although it is no longer a numbers game, impressive trophy pike can be caught with some trolling patterns and a bit of patience. Lastly, the lake trout have now moved into the depths of Aikens. We have downriggers to go after them in 60-120 feet of water, but we would not recommend booking a lake trout experience in the mid-summer or fall seasons.

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Fishing Season

So all told there is never a "bad" time for an Aikens Lake fishing vacation. Be it spring, summer, or fall, there is always something biting and our guides are well trained to find fish in all conditions and seasons.