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Lost Lake Outpost

The inspired, majestic and truly one-of-a-kind Lost Lake Outpost provides you with the "on your own” serenity experience of an outpost. Accommodating groups of four to eight people in the 1,800 sq ft outpost cabin, it is the perfect getaway. Bring your kids, your parents, your extended family, your friends, your company or your customers. Any group is bound to enjoy this luxurious and secluded DIY retreat!


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Lost Lake Outpost

Fishing on Lost Lake is outstanding. It is a two-mile, 40-foot deep finger lake. The tannin-filled water creates a dark strain of golden-bellied walleye. The lake is home to thousands of hungry walleye and exciting northern pike. Lost Lake boasts some of the largest catches Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge has ever recorded.

Operating from late May to mid-September annually, our Lost Lake Outpost allows guests access to not only Lost Lake’s trophy fishery, but also the bounties of Aikens Lake and Gammon River. During high water seasons (and in June on most years regardless), a narrow channel on the south end of Lost Lake is navigable into Aikens Lake. When water levels are lower in mid-summer or fall, you will have the option of boats on either side of the peninsula so you can fish Lost Lake or Aikens Lake.

All trips in the lost lake outpost include:

• Private use of the Lost Lake Outpost and surrounding area (and private fishing on Lost Lake - you won't see any other boats there)
• The luxury cabin features four bedrooms (with a total of eight comfortable extra long twin beds)
• Two fully modern bathrooms and shower rooms with unlimited on-demand hot running water
• Bedding, linens, washcloths and bath sheets provided
• Cleaning supplies, garbage bags and paper towel provided
• Full-service kitchen including a 18 cubic foot fridge/freezer, 2nd beer fridge, propane range with oven, outdoor full-size propane BBQ, dishes, cutlery, pots, pans, cooking utensils, coffee machine, dishcloths, shore lunch fry pans, utensils, plastic cups (for outdoor use) as well as basic spices
• Potable water and ice machine on site
• Wood burning fireplace
• Private shore lunch area
• WiFi
• Lund SSV 16 ft boats with 20 hp Yamaha four-stroke motors and gas. All boats have portable depth finders, swivel seats, paddles, anchors, nets and life jackets.
• Weight limit of 80 pounds of gear/food per person allowed on the plane (surcharges for extra weight)

*** Grocery packages and bait can be arranged at an additional cost. ***
*** Lost Lake is a catch and release lake with the exception of daily fresh shorelunch (no take home fish allowed) ***
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Lost Lake

Nestled on an old growth peninsula between the western shores of Aikens Lake and untapped Lost Lake, this beautiful handcrafted getaway can accommodate groups of 2 to 8 people in exceptional comfort.

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