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Are you considering a Canadian fishing trip? Here are our top reasons why you should choose Aikens Lake, widely considered one of the best fishing lodges in Canada.

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We are situated only two hours from Winnipeg, in a pristine boreal forest east of Lake Winnipeg. We are so close to Winnipeg that anyone in North America can be on our dock by 5pm the day they travel! Aikens Lake is part of the Atikaki Provincial Park - a Unesco World

Heritage Site. Whether you want to enjoy one of Canada's best multi-species fisheries, escape to a remote fly-in lodge or experience first-class service and beautiful handcrafted cabins, you will love our unique Aikens Experience.

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Remote Canadian fly-in fishing

Aikens Lake offers the classic beauty of a remote Canadian fly-in fishing adventure with the luxuries of a 5-star operation. Located at the south end of Atikaki Provincial Wilderness Park, this unspoiled wilderness lake is graced with Precambrian rock formations, private sand beaches and dozens of islands surrounded by pine forests, making this one of the most scenic locations for fly-in fishing in Canada. All of our luxurious cabins have a beautiful view of the lake so that you never miss a famous Aikens Lake sunset. For total relaxation, nothing compares to the rejuvenating retreat at our secluded paradise. Bring your camera! Master Angler walleye, trophy pike and giant lake trout will not be your only photo opportunity.

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Year after year, numerous moose, black bear, beavers and bald eagles (along with countless birds and smaller animals) are photographed regularly at Aikens Lake, while reclusive timber wolves and woodland caribou provide rare opportunities for avid photographers seeking wilderness photography experiences. Your fishing guide is also equipped with a camera to document your whole trip. At the end of your stay, a personalized keepsake photo USB stick will be handed out to each member of your party so that your memories can be treasured forever!

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A little Slice of Paradise

Atikaki Provincial Park was created in 1987 in an effort to preserve the woodland caribou and provides an ideal setting for a remote Canadian fishing adventure. In fact, Atikaki is directly adjacent to Ontario's Woodland Caribou Provincial Park. Part of Atikaki's mission is to promote eco-tourism. The Bloodvein River is one of the most scenic canoeing adventures in Manitoba. The Gammon River, which flows into and out of Aikens Lake, eventually connects to the Bloodvein River.

Waiting for a big walleye to strike is not a bad way to take in the sunset

The Most Beautiful Canadas Fly In Fishing Trips

As you already know, Aikens Lake offers some of the best trophy walleye fishing in Manitoba. We also have some of the finest scenery with breathtaking views of the Canadian wilderness. Click here to see our favorite scenery and wildlife pictures. If you would like to add to our gallery, please contact us and we will be happy to add your pictures.

When the lodge was built in 1948, they weren't the first to have traveled through the area. Natives had been paddling these rivers for hundreds of years already. The lithographs were discovered in 1995 by our friend Lorna Hiebert. Although we do not know their meaning, it is possible to make out some of the representations. There is a canoe full of people on the top, a person on the left holding hands with another that is now under the black lichen, and a wolf on the far right. Also, if you are lucky enough, you might find an arrowhead or spearhead. During low water years, it's sometimes possible to find a new one of these on the sandy shores around the lake.

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Trophy Fishing

Aikens Lake provides some of the best multi-species fishing in Manitoba and has been named one of the top 5 fishing destinations in North America. It is a world-class destination for trophy northern pike, lake trout, and walleye. Walleye are our most abundant species, with 20-25 inch walleyes common. With depths approaching 300 feet, Aikens is the second-deepest lake in Manitoba.

Aikens Lake provides one of the best Canada fly-in fishing trips for those seeking trophy fish!