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Jun. 12, 2007


Sorry about the lack of updates lately... Julie and I brought the kids back to Winnipeg for the weekend because Julie was a bridesmaid for her good friend Tara's wedding!  Gerry and Lorraine were at the lodge to manage the staff and to take care of our clients during that time.  Here are a few notes on what was happening while we were away: -The Tom Lynch party from KC had a great first experience at Aikens Lake, landing a trophy walleye and a trophy pike. -The staff had their annual "barge party" where they anchored the barge at the Honeyhole and caught many slot walleyes.  The Free Press had given us fishing vests so we decided that these would be donated to the big fish winners of the barge party.  Points ended up winning it on the men's side, and Aisha won it on the women's side - in last second fashion - with a 26.5" walleye just before sundown! -Michael Ruch of Grand Rapids brought his twin boys Spencer and Parker here for their high school graduation.  They are the last of 5 boys that Michael has rewarded with a trip to Aikens.  Spencer caught a 43.5" pike in Moosehead bay! -The Manitoba Moose Yearling Foundation charity trip was a success.  Craig Heisinger (GM of the MB Moose) and asst. coach Brad Berry hosted Derek and Maria Johannson.  They caught boatloads of fish and had a great time. -Bill Walker brought his son Ben.  Ben caught a trophy walleye and showed his dad how to catch the really big ones! -The construction continues and Ursa Major is now getting close to being ready to move in.  Julie and Pit are very excited about the move-in.  The flooring guys arrive today, and all the doors and windows are now in place.  Should be another 7-10 days before it's completely ready!

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