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The Ultimate Voyageur

Jul. 29, 2008


The competitors sharing the moment after the games For those that have followed along in past years, you are already familiar with our competitions here to crown a victor for the Aikens Lake Voyageur Games (Click here for the 2007/08 story1 - story2, the 2006/07 story1, and the 2005/06 story1). All staff members who are interested compete in 5 different events. Basically, the competition emulates the games that the "coureurs-de-bois" and voyageurs used to do back during the fur-trade era of the 1700-1800's. Although primitive in nature, the games are a unique blend of brawn, skill, and wits to determine who is the ultimate voyageur. This is the third year that we run these events here at Aikens. The purpose is not only to crown an Aikens Lake Ultimate Voyageur, but we use it as a qualifier for the main 64-man tournament held in Winnipeg every February. The winner and the first runner-up both get invited to compete under the Aikens Lake banner! In 2005, although we didn't have an Aikens competition, we did sponsor Dave and Dan into the main tournament. In 2006 we held the inaugral Aikens Lake version of the games and Dave was deemed the Ultimate Voyageur, with Andre as first runner-up. They both competed that February. Last year, Turbo won the Aikens event but was in Phoenix in February so Ashton and Bruno competed during the Festival. This year, who would take the crown? On the day of the competition, Bruno (who was an early favorite this year considering his 3rd place finish last summer) re-aggravated a shoulder injury. Unfortunately, this knocked him out of the competition before it ever began! This left 9 willing competitors to battle it out for the title (Kik, Points, Eric, Pat, Ashton, David, Julien, Andre, and Griffin). In the first event Griffin upset another one of the favorites, Ashton, in the first match! The finals in the leg wrestling saw Andre beat Pat. The 2nd event is the "lutte indienne". Ashton beat out the upstart Julien in the finals. In fact, this would be the first of three straight events that Ashton would win! He defeated a hard-swinging David in the finals of the pillow fight, and then beat a wily Pat on the barrel tug-of-war. The final event, the log-sawing, was DQ'd after Andre snapped our only bow-saw while he was chewing through the 4"x4"! With the swarm of mosquitoes coming out to send us away, no one was too worried about finding a different solution to complete that final event! In the end, the final standings were already pretty decided. Congratulations Ashton on being crowned the 2008 Aikens Lake Ultimate Voyageur! The standings looked like this: Ultimate Voyageur: Ashton (400 pts) 2nd place: Pat (325 pts) 3rd: Andre (275 pts) 4th-9th all had between 100-200 pts. Pat has already decided to give Andre the honour of competing in the Games come February... so we look forward to cheering both Ashton and Andre this February. If you are going to be in Winnipeg at that time, please come out and cheer on our guys... it's always a great night of fun!

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