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Sunset Chalet Grand Opening!

Aug. 22, 2006


Sunset Chalet Opening 024s.jpg Sunset Chalet Opening 025s.jpgSunset Chalet Opening 002s.jpg Sunset Chalet Opening 008s.jpgSunset Chalet Opening 009s.jpg Well, the big day finally arrived! It was a day that everyone in camp was looking forward to since the middle of June... the grand opening of the first Sunset Chalet! Our carpenters worked diligently throughout the summer with the goal in mind of having the cabin ready for the arrival of Mr. Dan Quayle, ex VP of the United States of America! In the picture above, you can see Mr. Quayle and Dale Jensen doing the official ribbon cutting ceremony. Most of our skilled tradesmen were still on hand for the ceremony, and you can see them in the front row. We are building two new guest accommodations this year, the "Sunset Chalets". The second one is about two weeks behind the first. These large cabins accommodate 4 people each (two bedrooms). The bedrooms, shower room, and bathroom are seperated from the main common room and screened in porch by large french doors. The interior is completely finished in pine. These cabins are between our "Boardwalk Chalets" and the "Park Place" cabins. We would like to thank everyone that came together at the end of this project to help us meet our deadline! It was truly incredible to see how all of the different parts could be brought in at the end in order to have a complete cabin! Each tradesman was sure to leave a couple of their own personal "signatures" in the cabin, and the result is one of the most unique and first-class accommodations in our industry! Congratulations to everyone who had a hand in helping turn our paper plans from last April into a visual and structural masterpiece!

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