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Snowy day, but alot of progress made

May. 04, 2006


May 013s.jpg

We were hoping to get quite a few freight flights in today, but we woke up with some snow on the ground. As I write this now (5:00 PM), it still hasn't stopped snowing... is Santa on his way? At any rate, the inclement weather hasn't slowed down our appetite for work!
Grant is working on "Big Molly's Bar", where he will be vaulting the ceilings and refinishing behind the bar. He began his project from the moment we arrived. He has received alot of help recently from Andre. Already, the old ceiling is down and the new pine boards are going up! On the other side of the peninsula, George and Charlie have begun framing the inside of the new Men's residence... Le Canot. Things are progressing quickly there as well! The young crew consisting of Turbo, Colin, Kik, and Dan have been supporting the two projects. They've been hauling 2x4's, plywood, and all kinds of tools to the worksites while taking away all of the old materials. They also have completely cleaned up all the fallen trees! The weather promises to get better this weekend. The only fish to report thus far are a few little pike that Turbo has caught from the dock. The first boat is in the water and the first fishermen are going to be lined up to use it as soon as the sun comes out!

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