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PWT anglers arrive at Aikens

Sep. 18, 2006


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After much anticipation and preparation, everyone was on the dock yesterday morning to greet our honored guests. These PWT champions are here to compete in the first annual PWT Aikens Lake Shootout benefiting the Boomer Esiason Foundation for Cystic Fibrosis.

The planes arrived in the wind and rain. A coldfront has definitely moved in! However, that did not deter the pros! Pit and Pat gave a brief orientation session in the clubroom to explain the lake, the fishing, and the boats. It didn't take long afterwards for the pros to hit the water! Braving the cold, they went out for an afternoon of scouting and came back with two trophies! Jim Carroll landed a 28.25" walleye (no picture as he was on his own), and Bobby Crow landed a 28" beauty! This day was more of a "getting to know you" between the pros and this outstanding walleye fishery at Aikens Lake.

After supper, the camaraderie continued in Big Molly's Bar. There was laughter as these competitors are able to let down the guard a little bit and play some cards and generally just have a fun time! As Andy Kuffer best said it: "Hey, I'm on vacation this time!". However, you know that these guys are competitors so don't be fooled by all the laughter and smiles... when the tournament begins Wednesday, these guys are going out to win!!!

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