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Introducing the newest (and hairiest) member of the Aikens Family

Apr. 07, 2011


Enzo Hubert Trudel

Janelle and her little puppyHello folks! My name is Enzo. I'm really excited to meet you this summer up at the lodge! I've never been on a float plane, but I'm sure looking forward to it. I'm just 9 weeks old, but I'm really looking forward to discovering all sights and smells around Aikens Lake Wilderness Lodge. And, with a distinguished veteran like Kody, I'm sure to learn the ropes quickly. Just so you know, I like long walks on the beach, chewing anything that crosses my snout and scratches on my ears and belly. Far left is Sunny  (Sire) Far right Maya (Dam)I'm a purebred Bernese Mountain Dog.  My ancestors were used to pull carts in the Swiss Alps and look over their sheep herds in the summer time. Nowadays my kind is most known for its soft coat and endearing affection. I come from a small town called Baldur in Manitoba. Glen and Marlene Mitchell took care of me and my litter mates. They are very caring people. They made sure  I'd grow up to big and happy like my mom and dad (far left and far right in this picture). I'm very happy living with my new masters Patrick and Janelle Trudel. They've welcomed me nicely in their house and are showing me how to behave like a true Aikens All-Star.  I'm one happy puppy. See you soon!

Enzo is really excited for this summer!

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