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Introducing the Century Club!

Jun. 24, 2010


Century Club logo

Aikens Lake Century Club

This special and unique recognition, given only to anglers on Aikens Lake, was spawned just like many other great ideas… over a beer in Big Molly’s Bar!  During the 2009 “Call of the Tundra” tournament, Julie, Pit, Pat, and  head guide Tyler were discussing the virtues of Aikens Lake with television fishing celebrity Dave Mercer while sitting around a table in Big Molly’s Bar.  Dave was telling us that he not only considered Aikens to be one of the best trophy walleye fisheries he’d ever been to, but he had also never seen so many “slot” walleyes caught before!  (We call all walleyes between 21-27” slot fish because they are too big to eat for shorelunch but not quite trophy size yet.)


The Manitoba Master Angler Awards are a great way to recognize anglers that find the true trophy ‘eyes in the lake (28” walleye or bigger).  That said, it is quite a feat to catch a boatload of 25” walleyes in a day.  This does not happen on just any lake, and we felt that since Aikens is a place where it is very possible for this to happen often the feat needed a special recognition as well!  We started brainstorming ways to recognize these successful days of catching big beautiful walleye.  Thus the “Century Club” was born!  The premise is that any angler that can catch four walleyes that total 100”or better over the course of a single day earns their spot with other great anglers in the Aikens Lake Century Club! 



-This is an individual achievement meaning that each angler counts only the fish he/she has reeled in.


-All fish must be measured by a guide over the course of a regular guide day (8AM to 5PM).   


-The biggest four walleyes for each angler will be totaled up.  If the total length is 100” or more, special recognition of the event will be marked on our website and in a log book.


-Walleyes only.  Pike and Lake Trout do not count towards Century Club membership.

 alpert-007s.jpg  Murray with a big catch  Mike with a 29″ walleye

In recognition for this feat, anglers will be added to our website listings for all Century Club awards.  Also, we will be designing a special patch with a unique and classy logo that will be given to each member of the Century Club.  Thanks Janelle for designing this great logo!!!


 The Century Club has already garnered a lot of interest in the boats this year.  Many anglers are gunning for that 100" mark.  We've had so many get stuck at 98 or 99" and fish really hard to upgrade that one fish that would put them over the top!  So far, we have about the same amount of Century Club members as Master Anglers this year.  We update this database daily (as we do for the Master Anglers)  We hope that on your next trip you will be able to become both a Master Angler and a Century Club member!


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