Love is in the Air

Date May. 19, 2016

Denise Kozlowski was determined. It was the last day of her trip at Aikens Lake, and she so desperately wanted to make The Century Club that she asked her husband and their fishing guide to skip shorelunch in order to...

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Giant Pike Stories: Aikens Lake Legends

Date May. 08, 2016

Aikens Lake will always be known for its excellent walleye fishing, but in the past few years our guests have enjoyed some of the best trophy pike fishing we’ve ever recorded. Last year produced 26 Master Angler pike, with...

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Best Day of Fishing at Aikens Last Year

Date Apr. 13, 2016

August 20, 2015 started like many days at Aikens Lake: beautiful sunrise at 6:28, coffee delivered to each cabin, a hearty breakfast enjoyed by guests chatting about yesterday’s highlights. By noon, the 75-degree sunny day had become the single best day...

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Thank You to an Aikens favorite

Date Mar. 14, 2016

From housekeeper to waitress, from bartender to babysitter, Reanne Chamberland has served many roles for Aikens and the Turenne family, and she’s done all of them well. After six summers at the lodge, she’s moving onto...

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