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Ground breaks on "Ursa Major"

Sep. 02, 2006


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This has certainly been a fast paced and ambitious year for the construction at Aikens Lake.  We have many projects under our belts already and the last one to accomplish for 2006 will be to get a shell up for the "Ursa Major", the new office and nerve center for the peninsula.  This two storey building will be located near the dock (across the path from the B&T).  The first floor will feature a large office and souvenir store, while the second floor will be Pit and Julie's residence.  With a second child on the way (due date of Jan 1, 2007), the existing office in Orion, which is already too small, would have been even more cramped! The new Ursa Major cabin will be both spectacular and functional.  Since moving all of the souvenirs out of the bar during our renovation this spring, they have been stored in many different places but will finally have a permanent home again next spring.  The new office will be the communications hub and nerve center of the lodge.  The office will be much larger and will feature some of the great finishing pine and furniture that we've been putting in the lodge and new cabins.  The extra room in the office will allow the proper setup for all of our computer equipment, phones, and printers.  For those of you that have come into the office this year, you already know that Pit and Julie are looking forward to not hitting the backs of their chairs together all the time!!!  It is expected that the new building have a move-in date of May 26, 2007 (which is when our first guests are scheduled to arrive next spring).

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