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Jun. 18, 2010


Follow us on Twitter at “aikenslake”  Aikens has an official Facebook page   Watch videos on Youtube - “Aikenslake” As the social media revolution continues to grow and expand, these wonderful technologies also offer us the opportunity to share even more of Aikens with you.  We have now created a Twitter account which will update all of our online activities in one simple place (handle is simply "aikenslake").  If you decide to follow us on Twitter, you will be updated anytime we update our various pages on the internet.  Get your news, videos, and pictures of Aikens online and in real time!  Sign up here.  Here's how it will work: Twitter will post a link every time we update any of the following things: News and updates: - Every time we update a newsletter item, it will appear as a link on our Twitter account. Pictures: We will be adding pictures to our Facebook page throughout the season.  Something new for 2010, for groups that allow us to post these, we will add their trip pictures to our page so they can easily share them with their friends, and so that the Aikens Community can live vicariously through their experiences.  Everytime a new album is created or pictures downloaded, Twitter will post the link as well.  (See our official Facebook page here) Videos: We already have a few dozen videos under our YouTube account.  Our channel is called "Aikenslakelodge".  As we add more and more, the links will automatically post to Twitter.   (See our Youtube page here) So we hope you enjoy our online community.  We continue to strive to deliver the most content to you so you can stay involved and up to date with Aikens Lake.  This is just the next step in doing that.  Please enjoy and feel free to add your own pictures/videos/comments! Not convinced that the social media revolution is for real?!?!  For a really cool overview of just how big the social media revolution is today, check out this video!

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