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Barge Party

Jun. 02, 2006


June 012s.jpgJune 027s.jpg Last night, the staff took out our "brand new" barge for its maiden voyage.  The old girl, who was in very rough shape last year, was completely restored this spring.  All of the hairline fractures in the pontoons were welded and sealed.  A new and lighter deck was put into place and the 30 hp went back on the barge.  The speed of the barge is incredible!  It now sits very highly in the water, and it was able to take 18 staff members to the honeyhole for an evening of fishing. The weather was just fantastic as we headed out for a night of fishing.  The walleyes were certainly cooperative as there were several "quadruple-headers"!  There were well over 50 fish caught in the 90 minutes, and the biggest one was a 26.5" caught by none other than our head guide, Pat.  Many of our rookies were able to land their first fish from Aikens Lake, including Natasha's beefy 26" walleye!   It was a great night and we'll be sure to do it again!

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