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An Aikens Honeymoon

Aug. 21, 2007


Joel and Anna, and Aikens Honeymoon Joel Buseman started coming to Aikens back in 2000 with his brothers and family. Previously,they went fishing in Ontario every summer.  When we met them at the sportshow, they never believed that each of them would catch at least a 25" walleye, with at least one of them catching a master angler. In fact, they were so skeptical that Gerry made them a deal on the spot... He would offer a big discount on the price if they left Aikens and what he had promised hadn't materialized The fishing was superb during their initial visit, and no discount had to be given because they ended up catching boatloads of 25+ including a few trophies. They continued to make annual trips until schedules became too complicated a few years ago. Joel, now 32, was able to find his way back to Aikens this year by inviting his new bride Anna on a trip to celebrate their honeymoon! Big double-header for the newlywedsThe happy couple in front of the falls Joel and Anna were wed on Aug 12th, and the next day they drove up to Winnipeg to meet up with some old staff members that Joel still kept in touch with.  On Aug 14th, they flew in to begin their Aikens honeymoon! We've had a few honeymoons here in the past, but what made this one extra special is the fact that Julie had over 4 months to plan for it! There were a lot of hidden surprises for the couple to find, including rose petals and a thousand candles burning in their cabin when they first arrived. Anna, although not a very experienced fisherwoman, took an early lead in the fishing category and never took her foot off the pedal! She consistently brought in big walleye after big walleye, occasionally allowing Joel to catch a big onehimself. The fishing was non-stop during their entire stay, the only downside was that it would have been a storybook ending to have Anna catch that elusive master angler... I guess she'll just have to settle for her other catch! multiple catchesA future master angler? The "coup de grace" and highlight of the trip, however, was the private supper that was setup on the 3rd beach during one of their final nights here. The evening couldn't have been more perfect, with warm weather, a cloudless sky, and a spectacular sunset.  Anna commented to Joel "What's next, fireworks?!?" and wouldn't you know it... Jimmy had set up a box of fireworks that he had been saving for a special occasion! We wish you a lifetime of happiness and thanks for allowing us (and especially Julie) to be your gracious hosts for your honeymoon. And Joel, your brothers were right, you are never going to be able to come back to Aikens without Anna again!

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