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Aikens goes green!

Sep. 20, 2008


Yet another addition to the long list of improvements to be announced! This brainchild of Léo and Gabe (our heating and refrigeration expert) was spawned over lengthy discussions as to how we could better our already efficient hot water system. See last year's post here (Re-circ line).  We're trying to minimize our carbon foot print on the environment (and save money on pricy fuel) so Léo and Gabe decided to find a way to eliminate our propane water heaters. We confLéo (right) and Gabe (left) all smiles in the Fire-Fly erred with Jim Knoeck, a longstanding Aikens guest, from Knoeck Inc. Jim's company specializes in heating and cooling products. He had just what we needed, a compact and effecient wood boiler that could fit inside the otter!  He personally drove the unit from his shop in Wisconsin to the float base at Silver Falls.  We poured a cement pad and housed the machine in what is now aptly called the "Fire-Fly". It is situated beside our laundry facility the "Caillebo". In its first week of operation it has saved us huge amounts of fuel and has left no trace but a few shovels worth of ashes! With over 250 gallons of hot water on demand running through camp heated by our own natural ressource, we are proud to  say that Aikens is greener than ever!

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