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Aikens Favorite Rachelle gets engaged!

Mar. 28, 2008


Rachelle and Hayster I know that the Aikens community is a pretty tight place. That's why I know that so many of you will really enjoy reading the following news about one of your favorite "Aikens girls"! Rachelle Vandale (who worked fulltime at Aikens from 1998-2003) is engaged! Her husband-to-be, Hayster Soriano, popped the question while they were in Vancouver together earlier this week. Having purchased a customized ring, Hayster was hoping to be able to present this ring to her live and in person during this trip. However, due to some complications, the ring wasn't ready until after they had already left. That meant that Hayster had to propose using none other than a good old candy ring! You know those big ring pops with the sucker on top? Well, Rachelle couldn't resist the sweetness of Hayster's proposal! They initially met in the fall of 2005, when Hayster so calmly told her: "I like your kicks (aka: shoes)" at a bar. Things went slowly at first but then burgeoned into a full blown relationship and they ended up buying a home together last year. Hayster, who will never be blamed for jumping the gun, had this proposal in mind for about half a year until the right situation presented itself. The wedding date is set for October 18th. Julie is going to be the maid-of-honor and yours truly (Pit) will be the MC. The wedding date was chosen in part so that it would happen after the Aikens season when everyone is back in town! In fact, that isn't the only Aikens influence on the wedding.... Annika is also honored to be a flower girl, and Marty will be the ring bearer!  Once you get your foot in the door at Aikens, you're stuck for life! If you would like to pass along your good wishes, please contact us for her personal email or phone number. Keep an eye on the newsletter this fall for news and pictures from the big ceremony!

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